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My mother made most of my Halloween costumes, dance costumes, and many of my special occasion dresses when I was young. I think if I had wanted her to, she would have made my wedding gown! I remember her working tirelessly to complete an outfit and I treasure them to this day. Some of them my own daughters play in. As a teenager and young adult I never thought I could get a sewing machine to cooperate with me. My middle school home ec. sewing project was so stressful on me, I didn't ever think I could get the hang of it. I'll have to share one of my early learning experiences with you in another post.

After getting married I really wanted to learn how to sew. My mother was always working on one thing or another, and I wanted to be able to do something crafty too. I started out with fleece jackets. Fleece is an incredibly forgiving material, I was encouraged and continued to learn the art. My husband got me a Singer Scholastic sewing machine. It's not a fancy machine, but we were beginning to get involved with living history and I wanted to be able to make some of our clothes I even thought I could make our tent (yeah, right). The Singer has been wonderful and has done everything I have needed it to do.

At the birth of our first daugther I knew I really wanted to sew more. I am proud to say that I have made every Easter outfit for her and her sister since she was born. She is now 8, almost 9 years old. Her sister just turned 7, wow. Anyway, I have also made many items for my son, husband, and myself to coordinate with the girls Easter outfits. In addition to Easter outfits I have made countless jumpers, pillowcase dresses, (one Spring I made felt poodle skirts for almost every little girl in our church under 5), purses, diaper bags, burp cloths, hair bows, curtains, and a variety of 18th century clothing made from historically accurate patterns and materials (when available).

The purpose of this portion of my blog is to share with you some of the items I have made. I hope you enjoy. If you are an up and coming seamstress, maybe this blog can encourage you, because if I can do it....anyone can!

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