Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sewing day...

Today I finally finished a sewing project that's been sitting in my project drawer for over a year and a half! It was a quick and easy project for jumpers and a blouse for my girls' American Girl dolls. I just hadn't taken the time to do it. Today, I did! Last week I had cut out one set of patterns and used them to make my own version of the pattern for future use. This morning when I began to sew, my oldest daughter asked what I was working on. I showed her what I was doing and then offered to let her cut out the pattern pieces for her doll. She cut every piece out on her own and didn't stop or complain. She is such a hard worker. It didn't take long to sew it all together and by the mid-afternoon we had 4 jumpers, 2 blouses, and 2 stuffed scotties. Aren't they cute!

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